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Management / Programming & Follow-up Maintenance Division

The National Petroleum Company (PLC)

Programming & Follow-up Maintenance Division

Programming & Follow-up Maintenance Division

Functions and duties


  1. carry out the maintenance and repair and maintenance of all machinery, equipment, appliances and tools, which include gas processing and gas compressor stations and platforms pressure on the reduction of warheads wells Maintenance and installation of gas compressor
  2. To prepare all the necessary supplies for the completion of maintenance work.
  3. Configuration of backup materials:   The duties of this division are to prepare and provide the necessary backup materials for the maintenance work and in coordination with the Department of Supplies and Warehouses so that the balance of the materials in the warehouse is inspected continuously and then the request for the required pieces and technical specifications are prepared for them and studying the bids and offers coming from the companies. And then to receive the materials upon arrival and ensure compliance with technical specifications.
  4.  To train new employees and prepare pamphlets for this purpose.
  5.  Develop programs for periodic maintenance.


Classification of maintenance works:

  1. Preventive maintenance :Preventive maintenance is  maintenance that is planned in advance, such as the maintenance of stations that are carried out annually.
  2.  Emergency maintenance: Emergency maintenance is unplanned maintenance that occurs during work

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