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Management / Material & Supply Department

The National Petroleum Company (PLC)

Material & Supply Department

Material & Supply Department has a wide range of multiple tasks:

  • To follow-up warehousing, stores, stock and inventory control based on computer system logistics and transportation.
  • To provide spare parts and all kinds of drilling support services to keep all the drilling and related equipment running efficiently.
  • Materials requirements, logistic and supply planning budgeting preparation.
  • To follow-up well servicing inside and outside Jordan.
  • To conduct special contracts and to rent or supply other partners with supportive equipment.
  • To follow-up procurement procedures and contracting.
  • To follow-up equipment repair and inspection services.

Risha warehouse comprises:

  • Risha Rest-house 1200 sq. m.
  • four (4) Steel Hangers 30 m x 15 m x 5 m each.
  • One (1) Concrete/Steel Hangers 66 m x 20 m x 4 m.
  • One (1) Steel Hangers 17m x 10m x 4m.
  • Water well 500 m deep (water level at 380 m ).equipped with.
  • electrical submersible Pump.

Azraq warehouse comprises:

  • Azraq Rest-house 840 sq. m.
  • Two (2) Steel Hangers.
  • One (1) Machine shop Steel Hanger 446 sq. m.
  • Land with fencing 160,000 sq. m.
  • Water well 50 m deep with El. Submersible pump.


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