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The National Petroleum Company (PLC)

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Invitation to Tender Auction


The National Petroleum Company announces the following auction tender:



Tender No.

Tender Description

Copy Price


Bid Bond Guarantee

Closing Date


Spare parts for Cat-Engine D399 & Rig Electrical Equipment

10 JOD


 12.00 PM


Companies whom are interested in bidding for this tender are kindly invited to collect a copy of the tender documents from the Supplies and Warehoused Department at the Company building located in Amman/Umm as Summaq/Mecca Street/ behind Al Sindibad Station during office hours. A copy of the tender documents set out the general conditions, special conditions, technical specifications, and quantities.  Note that, the cost of the announcement shall be paid by whom awarded the tender.



Acting Director General

Muhannad Al-Radaideh

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