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NPC Objectives

The company aims within the general policy of the Government of Jordan taking into account the legislation in force in the Kingdom to achieve some of the following:
  • Drilling for oil and natural gas, and any hydrocarbons, conducting studies, drilling the necessary wells and carry out production, both within the Kingdom or abroad, by its own staff and/or in partnership with other relevant parties in this area.
  • Collecting, processing and storage of all produced hydrocarbon substances or obtained by any other means. Handling, transporting, processing, sale and/or refining the same.
  • The establishment and management investment relevant to store, transfer and exchange of oil and gas and their products. Own or participate in owning the means of transport necessary for this work, including pipes, tanks and ships designed for this purpose.
  • Petroleum trade crude and petroleum products inside and outside the buying, selling, importing and exporting as well as the establishment of oil refineries, manage and market their products, and all manner not inconsistent with any franchise agreement, a third-party effect.
  • The establishment of factories for the manufacture of petrochemical products and any other industries related to petroleum refining and chemical industry, and carry out all operations associated with it, not conflicting with any franchise in effect.
  • Perform drilling works inside and outside the Kingdom by its rigs, and/or in partnership with others.
  • Establishment of service centers and/or testing and calibration of rigs, equipment and drilling tools.
  • Provide all types of support services for the drilling work
The company in order to achieve its objectives, has the right to perform the following actions without limitations:
  • Participation or integration or contracting with any private or public for cooperation and/or sharing of profits or purchase and possession of assets and conduct of  business and related activity.

  • Any other business related to the company objectives.